For Buyers and Sellers

  • Low Cost - Fee of 1.00%
  • Private - We only need your bitcoin and email address
  • Secure - Secure storage of bitcoins
  • Assurance - Inspect items before funds are released
  • Transparent - Buyer and seller informed at every stage
  • Automated - Transactions are automated
  • Impartial - Disputes handled by an impartial third party
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Affiliate Program

  • Private - We only need your Bitcoin and email address
  • High commissions - Earn 50% of the escrow fee
  • Fast payout - Payments made weekly
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Please remember, We do not have any ONION domain in tor. We NEVER send the escrow's payment address via email. If you receive a bitcoin address via email is being victim of a scam with a spoofed email address.

Security Tips

To protect your escrow funds we require that you take the following precautions:

  1. Do NOT send bitcoins to a bitcoin address you received via email
  2. Check the URL domain is
  3. We do not have an ONION domain in tor, they are fake webs of scammers.
  4. Check the automated emails are from a address
  5. You must verify your email address and the escrow details on for each transaction
  6. We do not send the escrow's payment address via email
  7. If the confirmation email goes to your SPAM or Junk folder it's most likely a spoofed email
  8. Confirm deposited bitcoins by using the View Transaction form on not rely on email notifications
  9. Contact us immediately if you have any suspicions

How It Works

  1. Buyer or seller start an escrow transaction
  2. Buyer and seller confirm their email and bitcoin addresses
  3. Buyer is sent a link to a secure page showing the bitcoin payment address
  4. Buyer sends bitcoins to the escrow's bitcoin address
  5. Seller sends item(s) to buyer
  6. Inspection period begins when buyer receives item(s)
  7. Bitcoins are released to seller (or a dispute is started)

View Transaction

Transaction ID:

We can only protect you if the transaction exists on our system, all details are correct, and any deposited funds are shown. Do not rely on email confirmations which could be spoofed.

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