Whether you want to buy Prepaid cards, electronics, Mining crypto machines, Graphic cards, jewelry or even other coins, anything can be bought and sold with an escrow service. BTC-ASIA.com minimizes the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party that collects, holds and release funds only when the buyer and seller are satisfied.

The most important factors that determine our dispute decisions:

  1. Evidence of goods being received e.g. (tracking number, online receipt .. etc)
  2. Does the item have postal insurance
  3. Previous transactions with BTC-Asia.com
  4. Photographic evidence of any damage to the item(s)
  5. Willingness of buyer and seller to cooperate with our requests for information
  6. Willingness of seller to accept returned goods
  7. Verification of buyer and seller’s details

We treat all dispute resolutions with client privacy high on our priority list. We will not ask our clients to reveal personal information unless the situation absolutely warrants this, or if we suspect fraud.

Where we do not receive enough evidence, do not receive responses from both parties, or cannot resolve a dispute we will donate the escrow funds to Wikileaks or other popular organisation which accepts bitcoin donations. For transparency we will publish donation details (transaction ids, amount, date) on this page.

By starting an escrow you agree that all dispute decisions will be final. And that dispute decisions will be based on the absolute discrecion of BTC-Asia.com.


Dispute resolution fees are 5% + the FEE of the network to transmit the transaction when we release or refund the funds.


In the event of an escrow being cancelled the full escrow fee is deducted from the final payout. This includes both buyer’s and seller’s.