About us

Bitcoin escrow since 2013

BTC-ASIA escrow was founded by Malaysian Colbert L. in 2013, it was acquired in 2014 by Adrien Stracke. Over the years the business grew and today we are a legal company with 8 employees

Since then we have processed over 13200 BTC in transactions over 8 years.  We are the only bitcoin escrow that has survived all crashes and has never been hacked. 

“Our goal is to provide a platform for secure transactions using cyptocurrencies. It is essential to eliminate risks using cryptos to bring them closer to the people.”
Adrien Stracke

We focus on security

For us security is never a set-it-and-forge-it solution. Instead, we encourage you to think of it as a continuous process that requires constant assessment to reduce the overall risk.

By applying a systematic approach to website security, we can think of it as an onion, with many layers of defense all coming together to form one piece. We need to view website security holistically and approach it with a defense in depth strategy.



“Best bitcoin Escrows”

 It’s one of the trusted Bitcoin Escrow websites that do not require registration. You can begin an Escrow exchange just by submitting an email and a BTC address.